Sample Menu

Arboretum Pharmaceutical* Provisions 
43 St Benedicts St, Norwich
Liquid Offering - 
For information on our Current Prescriptions, 
Please speak to your server.  
Bespoke Cocktail 9
Bespoke Mocktail 5
Atypical Serves -
Cocktail Roulette 25
Three smaller cocktails of differing flavour, 
Based on your personal tastes
The Punch Bowl 48
The most traditional of serves, as Victoria liked it, 
Equivalent to 8 Cocktails
Tea of the Week - 
Fresh Mint, Lemon & Fennel 4/pot
Traditional Serves - 
Fancy a taste of history? Old drinks, as they were served
Gin Gimlet (1867 ) 8
Gin & Quinine (1640) - The Original G&T 9
Scotch Black Thorn (1900) 9
Port Sangaree (1720) 9
Punch Drincke (Sometime Before 1638) 10
The Bunny Hug (1930) - Danger! Be warned! 11
            Neat Spirits -                       (25ml/50ml)
Murmichan Scottish Absinthe 5/9.5 
Mad March Hare, Irish Poitin 4/7.5
Douglas Laing’s Timorous Beastie Scotch 4/7.5
Tapper’s Figgy Pudding Gin (& Tonic) 6/9
Crusty Juggler Black Spiced Rum 4/7.5
Port of Leith Distillery Oloroso Sherry -/7
Taylor’s Historical Collection Port - ‘The Mallet’ -/8
St Peter's Ale -                        4
English Pale / Golden / Ruby Red
Plum Porter / Cream Stout
Solid Offering -
Savoury Bakes - 
Creamy Mushroom & Garlic 4.5
Walnut, Feta & Pesto 4.5 
Moroccan Tagine, Sweet Potato & Aubergine 4.5 
Sweets - 
Chocolate Almond Bun 4
Salted Caramel & Walnut Banana Bread
Lemon Curd Cream Cheese Rolls
Marshmallow Stuffed Brownie
Blueberry Coconut Cookie
*We’re obviously not actually a real pharmacy. Most of what we sell is bad for you. 
Please inform your server about any allergies or special dietary needs.