The Ready-Made Rum Prescription

The Ready-Made Rum Prescription

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What a wonderful and spledifical offering we have here for you, dearest Patient!

Blues getting you down? Do you even like the colour blue?

Well, we can cure whatever ails you with our patent-pending Cocktail Prescription Service!

Through ordering this set, you will receive three 200ml cocktail bottles, containing four servings overall, alongside a plethora of high quality medicalware! Every aspect is designed so that you will want to keep them, from our hand-branded tins to our high-quality amber glass pharmaceutical bottles - and especially our lab-grade beakers, of which you receive two; 50ml and 250ml.

You will also receive three 'shots' - via syringe or dropper bottle, to either dose directly or add to your mixed alcoholic beverages.

Not only this, but one also receives a premium carbonated beverage, straws, a prescription notice and a bunch of sweets! Well, they are snails, teeth, toothbrushes and brains, so we hope that they are sweets.

Just pour your prescription over ice and enjoy, Citizen!

Hip hip!