The DIY Vodka Prescription

The DIY Vodka Prescription

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What a wonderful and splendifical offering we have here for you, dearest Patient!

We can cure whatever ails you with our patent-pending Cocktail Prescription Service!

Through ordering this set, you will receive everything you need to remake our premium, sought-after cocktails in your own home. You will get 200ml of your high-end spirit of choice, 200ml citrus juice, 200ml vitamin juice, three containers of our in-house macerated syrups, paired teabags and a syringe shot - alongside quality medicalware and prescriptive instructions!

Every aspect is designed so that you will want to keep them, from our hand-branded tins to our high-quality amber glass pharmaceutical bottles - and especially our lab-grade beakers, of which you receive two; 50ml and 250ml.

Not only this, but one also receives a premium carbonated beverage, straws, a prescription notice and a bunch of sweets! Well, they are snails, teeth, toothbrushes and brains, so we hope that they are sweets.

Let'sall pretend to be Doctors, Citizen!

Wait, I mean. I am a real Doctor. Shut up.

Hip hip!