Travelling Tinctures

Salutations Citizens!
Potentially the most exciting announcement that we have to make is that we will be establishing Booker's first Business:
Dr Booker's Tincture Emporium
Yes, that is correct! The lovely gentleman pictured above (Dr Booker Bookington Esq.) is ready for his first ever venture; the mobile sale of alcoholic tinctures and healing elixiers throughout events in this fine county!
Or maybe even the whole country!
The wagon is being built and Snake Oil is being distilled - as we speak.
Further information on this, including rates, will be announced in the coming fortnight. All you need to know for now is that we will be a travelling bar, phrased as Victorian Snake Oil salesmen, that will be available for hire as early as before the end of August.
Imagine bringing all of the delicious Cocktails of Arboretum to your event, plus free entertainment in the form of the Landlord shouting the obscure health benefits of their alcoholic drinks.
Believe it or not, this dog used to be a cat!
Our Gin Slings cured him!
The first outings of this enigmatic Doctor will be in the second week of September, so don't hesitate to book us for your event!
Please use the email below to contact us for any preliminary requests - otherwise, just wait with baited breath.