Rent the Shop

We get a generous amount of requests to rent our space, so now is the time to actually offer it out.
We will be building from the traditional hospitality renting model, in which one pays a deposit to secure the room. Should your group spend over a certain threshold, the deposit is then refunded to the organiser. Should that not happen, or the booking be cancelled less than two weeks prior to the planned event, the deposit will be kept.
Naturally, due to our limited space, we cannot offer a completely open-ended rental option, so here are the times in which one can ensure a private space:
The Whole Shop -
Deposit: £200
Threshold: £800
Available Times:
Sunday/Monday - 5pm to 10pm
Tuesday-Friday - Midday to 5pm
Saturday - Not Available
The Salvage Yard (Our Back Room) -
Deposit - £125
Threshold: £600
Tuesday-Thursday - 5pm-10pm
Friday-Monday - Not Available
Bookings must be made more than two weeks prior to the event. Bespoke catering packages are available, should you fancy something more than normal bar service. Open bars are available, but will require payment from the organiser after the last transaction but before they leave the event.
Please direct any enquiries to the shop email address: